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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Dungeons and Dragons - The Story so Far

The Setting 
A post apocalyptic world, an event in the fairly recent past has caused the destruction of most of the world.  Though the event wasn't that long ago, it has quickly passed into legend as the remaining societies struggle to make due.

The Fortress

Our story begins in a large village built around a mountain fortress.  The party has their individual reasons for being there: the sorcerer a merchant, the artificer a sculptor, the swordsage mercenary, and the druid on a quest for an ancient artifact.  When a sudden raid on the village occurs, they band together to fight them off.  Despite beating back the initial forces, the party and a large group of villagers are forced to flee into the mountains to escape the oncoming barbarian horde.  Knowing the fortress can hold for about two months, the party begins to make its way towards a nearby city state to seek help.

The Druid

Finding their way to an underground river, they quickly construct a raft and begin on their way only to be halted by Assassin Vines on the walls of the tunnel.  Dealing with the vines and continuing on their way, the party comes upon the grotto of a water elemental that has an offer for them.  In exchange for safe passage, the party agreed to investigate a local druid who has mysteriously gone silent recently.  Journeying to the druid's forest, the party was quickly ambushed by the forest's guardians.  Upon further inspection, the guardians appeared to be corrupted by something.  Making their way to the center of the forest, a large barrier was present, oddly, a barrier to keep something in, not prevent intruders.  Entering the barrier, the party came across the druid they were seeking to find that he was not only a treant, but that his sanity was long gone.  Piecing together his rambling, the story of a tinkerers guild that stole his brother's Life Gem, an artifact that sustained the forest, for some purpose, leaving the brother dead and the forest in decay.  With little else to be done to help the druid for now, the party returned to the river, informing the elemental of the druid's fate, and continued on their way.

The Desert

Leaving the river, the party began to journey through the desert towards a nearby outpost.  Stopping for supplies and resting for a night, they inquired the locals about the druid's story, they were informed that while a similar tale existed, it lacked the existence of a second druid and had happened long ago before the world fell to ruin.  Pondering the meaning of these odd discrepancies, the party thanked them for their time and left, bringing with them a messenger and guide to lead them to the city state they were searching for.  Passing through the desert was a dangerous venture, interrupted by an attack by a band of pirates sailing the sea of sand on a modified corsair.  Fighting them off, the party quickly made repairs caused by the battle, taking the corsair for themselves and fleeing only a short time ahead of the rest of the ships now closing in.  Destroying one of the chasers, the party seemed doomed until the sudden appearance of the ancient and powerful Crawling Apocalypse.  Quickly destroying the ships the party flees from the wreckage towards the ruins of a nearby city.

The City of Shadows

Fleeing from the Crawling Apocalypse, the party takes refuge in the ruins of the city.  The resting through the night, the sun appears to have not risen in the morning; the city is trapped in perpetual night.  Searching the city, the party finds signs of barricades and defenses long abandoned.  The buildings are coated with long expired ghostwall shellac, an alchemical paste designed to render walls solid to ghosts and shadows.  In a still standing inn, the party encounters a group of feral humans still at their barricades.  Fighting them back, the few survivors attempt to flee to the streets only to be struck down by a large shadow beast which quickly flees.  Continuing through the city, the party comes upon one building which appears to still be standing and relatively untouched bearing the symbol of a tinkerers guild.  Believing it may possibly be the guild spoken of in the legend, they investigate.  Fighting their way past the still active golem defenders, the party finds no survivors, but a record of the events that destroyed the city.  Seeking a weapon to fight an invading army, the guild had found a a way to open a portal to the Plane of Shadow.  Using an unknown power source, the city used the device to summon shadows to fight their enemy.  At some point though, the device faltered and the portal remained open, turning the city into a nexus connecting the Material Plane to the Plane of Shadow.  Under constant assault now, the city quickly died.  Leaving the guild, the party encountered the remains of the pirates that had survived the earlier battle.  Once again the party was saved from nearly impossible odds by the reappearance of the shadow beast.  Combining forces, the beast and its shadow minions were fought off and destroyed by a burst of magical daylight.


  1. Thats cool. I have a group on sundays and tuesdays, lol

  2. That sounds like a lot of fun, pretty creative. Are you the DM?