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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Diablo III: Wrath

So the final D3 teaser got unlocked yesterday.  A lot of people seem to be complaining about it because they don't like the art style for it, but whatever, I love it.  It was done by Peter Chung, the animator behind Aeon Flux and Titmouse Inc., the guys behind Metalocalypse.

The video itself is an interesting look at the back story to the Diablo games with the war between Heaven and Hell and reminds me why I've always loved the angels in the Diablo story.  They aren't really forces of good dedicated to protecting the innocent or anything like that.  They're vicious warriors whose only goal is to destroy the forces of Hell.  Anything else, like the mortal realm of Sanctuary in the games, is just another battleground to be fought over.  They would rather destroy all of Sanctuary in favor of losing it to Hell, and in fact would have already had Tyrael not voted against Imperius in favor of humanity when Sanctuary was first discovered.  It should be really interesting to see where they take the story for the Diablo III as they've left open so many possibilities from the books.

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