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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Dungeons and Dragons

So every weekend my room mates and I currently get together and play D&D with a couple friends of ours, so I thought I'd write about our campaign so far and write more as it progresses.

To start, our current party consists of 3-5 people depending on who shows up.  We aren't the biggest of role players, so don't expect too much from character back stories.

First up, our half-dragon sorcerer.  After attacking a treant druid unprovoked, he's currently cursed and just recently finished turning into a tree.  Probably going to roll a new char or we might take pity on him and break the enchantment.

Next, our Jermlaine druid and planar shepherd.  Jermlaine are a tiny race of fey with a huge Wisdom bonus, making them great for druids.

Third, we have a Dark Human swordsage, the party scout and main damage dealer.

Finally, we have my own character, a Warforged artificer focused on buffing and utility.

We have a fifth person playing with us occasionally who's playing a bard, but she does little to add to the party aside from bard songs and hitting stuff from time to time.  Fun person to hang out with though, so not a big deal.

That's our party so far, when I get the chance to write it, expect a "Story so far" kind of post to outline the events of the campaign so far, from the attack on a fortress by a barbarian horde, to our current location of a desolate and haunted city.


  1. Oh man I always wanted to play this with a group of my friends but only me and one other person are interested in it. Neat group of characters you guys have.

    1. Personally i'm not a big fan of D&D, but if a group of people ever invited me and I wasn't busy i would give it a try,

    2. It's a fun game, but not really one you can just sit down and play once. It's possible to do one shot adventures like that, but it's a lot more fun to do a huge campaign and really get invested in your chars.

  2. I've heard it's pretty expensive to get started but after that it isn't too bad.

    1. Dice can be a bit expensive, and the books, but really you can find a lot of stuff online, especially if you're playing 3.5e